chimarathonposter3 days 19 hours and 55 minutes. That’s the amount of time left until the Bank of America Chicago Marathon will begin! The past 30 weeks I have been training for this coming Sunday, and this past week I’ve been answering the question, “Are you ready?” and there some moments when I feel ready, and then other moments when I think… maybe I should have ran an extra run, or not stopped even though I was dry heaving, or do I really have what it takes to make it from the starting line to the finish line? All of these thoughts have been going through my mind, but then I also have positive thoughts… if I was able to complete my 20-miler, what’s another 6.2? (I then laugh at that thought…), I also remind myself of the people who wish they could run a mile, like Baude, the boy I run for, or anyone who used to love to run and can’t anymore due to medical reasons… I may not be the fastest runner, but I’m faster than I was 3 years ago…

I started running in January of 2012, I had no idea that in less than 3 years I would have ran numerous 5ks, a few 10ks, 1 half marathon, and be on the verge of running my debut marathon. So many emotions run through my body while I’m out on a run… people’s voices ring through my mind with them saying “You can do this!” “Don’t stop, don’t give up!” “You’ve got this, Dee!”, etc… and then my mind goes to the reason I started running in the first place… to help raise awareness for Prostate Cancer. After my dad was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer I decided that I would do a 10k to raise money and awareness. There are times I have to choke back tears when I start thinking about my dad and thinking about how proud he always was to see me run, and how much it meant to me that he made the trek to Cumming, GA for my first 10k… and how much he wanted to be at the Dash for Dad 5k just 2 months before he died. He always wanted me to know how proud he was each time I went out for a run. So when it came time to choose a charity to run for I knew that ZERO: The End of Prostate Cancer would be the one I wanted to run for. I’m not just running the marathon to complete a goal I set for myself, but I’m running to help raise awareness and money for ZERO.

To those who sponsored me, I honestly can’t thank you enough! I was able to meet my goal of $1,000. So, when I line up with the 44,999 other people this Sunday, I will be thanking of you and your generosity that helped get me to my goal. If you think of it, I could use prayers for endurance and safety. Thanks to Liberty Mutual my Facebook will be updated at the start of the race, and then at different intervals throughout the race… If you comment on those posts, I will then be able to see the comments on screens throughout the course. I know many of you wish you could be there to support me, I know that I will feel your support even though you won’t be able to be there physically.

Thank you for reading and I look forward to updating after the race with a race run-down!

Run to win!


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