I run for…

When I first started running it was because a friend had invited me to join her and some friends to run a 5k. I then decided that since my dad had just been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer, that I would find a 10k to run to help raise money for Prostate Cancer. I have since ran 3 different races to raise money for Prostate Cancer. After my dad died on August 19, 2013 I started running for a kid through the irun4 group on FB. I still think about my dad a lot during my runs, and there are moments when I become emotional thinking about him, wondering if he is looking down from heaven watching me as I push through each of the long runs as I train to complete the Chicago Marathon in October.

ZEROS-Heroes-LogoMany people have asked me why I chose the Chicago Marathon, well, one of the reasons was because Chicago is known for being flat… living in the upstate of South Carolina, I get tired of running on the hills so I thought it would be a nice change! But the main reason was because I found out that ZERO: The End of Prostate Cancer (ZERO) is one of the charities that runners can choose to run for, so that is what I’m doing. I am in the midst of raising $1,000 for ZERO, which is the fundraising minimum, and while I’m on my runs I think about my dad often. Completing the Chicago Marathon will be a feat that I never thought would be possible… I have said that I wanted to do a Marathon for a few years, but I never thought that I would actually complete it, and here I am after my 18 miler this morning getting ready in a few short weeks to complete my first Marathon.

I would love for your support in this race… all of the money raised goes to help fight Prostate Cancer. I currently have about $300 (some of the money hasn’t posted to the site)… so I need around $700 more. Every bit helps me reach my goal, but more than that, it helps ZERO to be able to help men across the country! Visit here to donate.

Will you become one of ZERO’s heroes?!


One thought on “I run for…

  1. My father passed away August 22nd of this year. It really does mean a lot when we all run. I feel you. I have donated previously and this is an amazing cause.

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