restRunners know there are rest days, and there may even be weeks of rest when a runner has an injury.  Most of the time runners don’t want to rest because we like to run. For me, I use my runs as a time to clear my head from everything that is happening in life and a time to not have to worry about life problems. I would say that I don’t worry about anything, but as a runner I worry about whether I’m keeping my pace fast enough, or slow enough… whether or not I need to hydrate more or less often… whether the dog that’s coming at me will bite me or not… or if a car is going to hit me because they are paying too much attention to their cell phones or something else in their car. 

Since I haven’t posted since last October the run down on my running this year has been training for the Cooper River Bridge Run that took place in April, and then I started training for the Chicago Marathon. I am two-thirds of the way through my marathon training schedule and the rest days are becoming more enjoyable as time gets closer to the marathon. This past Saturday’s long run was a 14-miler and so I decided I would run from my house to a friend’s house… it worked out that they live 14 miles from me. The long runs are teaching me to enjoy the rest days. This training plan is teaching me that there are some weeks that it may be hard to get a run in, but it is very important to stick to the plan as close as possible. 

Most people think I am crazy for signing up to complete a marathon… to those people I say: Yep… I am definitely crazy… but that’s what makes me a runner! What sane person would want to run 26.2 miles just for the heck of it? Not to mention all of the miles you put in while you’re training. 

I meant to blog throughout my training, but clearly I didn’t… however, there is no time like the present to start blogging about my thoughts about training for my first marathon. I want to leave you with a challenge… I am not just running the Chicago Marathon because I want to complete a goal I set for myself, but I am running on behalf of ZERO: The End of Prostate Cancer and I have pledged to raise $1,000. Help me complete my marathon by donating money to ZERO! Let’s join together to end prostate cancer! Click here!

Run to win!


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