Missing a PR…

1393733_10151704402171479_567996213_nSaturday I laced up my running shoes at 5 AM to go run the Fast Pace Race in Cumming, GA. My friend, Hannah, ran it with me and my sister, Megan, went and cheered us on. It was a chilly, rainy day, but I was pushing for a PR… There was about a 10-15 minute time period where it was raining, which made the already wet asphalt become wetter, which is never a good thing to be running on, especially down hills. Well, I came across the finish line and the clock, as you can see, says 43:12… I knew my current PR (Personal Record) was 42:09. Which I always know that the clock isn’t 100% accurate because it depends on how long it takes you to pass the starting line. When I got home I hooked my Nike+ GPS watch up and got the news that I missed a PR by 4 seconds… 4 measly seconds! I now have been thinking… if only I would have pushed a little bit harder, if only it wouldn’t have been raining, if only I wouldn’t have taken so many walk breaks, if only I would have trained harder, the list of “if only” could go a while, but I don’t need to live in the land of “if only”.

There will be other races, I can’t PR at EVERY race. I was still happy with my time. It is the best time so far this year, so I will be happy in knowing that. There are times in our lives that we feel that if only… (fill in the blank for yourself)… but why are we living in the land of if only. We should live in the here and now… figure out what you could have done differently and when you get the chance to try again, make those changes. Everything we do can be a lesson to learn from. Take the time to realize what those lessons are. I am thankful that God has given me the ability to run…

One of the reasons I started running was because I wanted to be able to do a 10k to raise money for Prostate Cancer. After my dad was diagnosed I wanted to help raise money because I feel like not many people think about Prostate Cancer awareness. Last year I did the 10k at the Fast Pace Race and my dad was able to come and cheer me on… knowing that he was at the finish line is what kept me going. In June of this year I did the Dash for Dad in ATL… my dad wasn’t feeling well enough to make the trip down, but knowing that he was cheering me on from home pushed me forward. This past Saturday my dad was looking down from Heaven watching me run the 5k in memory of him. That’s what kept me going. I almost lost it at the second to last turn with an older guy asked me if my dad had prostate cancer (He read my “I run for dad” shirt.) I told him that he did, but he died of it 2 months ago. The man said how sorry he was, but he knew that my dad would be proud. I turned the corner, choking back tears, and pushed to finish. Yes, I would have loved to PR at this race, but even more I would have loved to be able to see my dad at the finish line. I know there is nothing that can bring him back, and I wouldn’t want him to be in pain, so I am thankful that he is feeling better than he ever has, but the loss is still felt every day, and he will ALWAYS be in our hearts!

Run to win!


5 thoughts on “Missing a PR…

  1. I just got so excited because I live in Dunwoody and went to high school in Cumming! I haven’t been doing many races but really want to get more into it. I need to look into the ones around here. And you really can’t PR every time! And even though 4 seconds is close, maybe your next PR will be by a good 30 seconds. You just never know!

    • That’s awesome! Cumming is a charming city and I have enjoyed seeing it as I run down the streets! I plan to run in the Fast Pace race every year as long as I am within driving distance. It’s a very meaningful race for me!

      • I love to hike. I’ve never done any trail running but I have been wanting to get a pair of trail running shoes to try it out. I’ll have to check out Sawnee Mountain!

      • Definitely! It’s right near downtown Cumming, just head north on Tribble Gap Rd! It can be kind of confusing, but there are Indian Seats that overlook Cumming and you can just sit up at the top! It’s not nearly as busy in the winter! It has always been one of my favorite places to go!

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