You know you’re a runner when…

tumblr_mfz5vtsXdM1rqbfdxo1_500I decided while I was running tonight to compile my list of how I knew I was really a runner… so, here they are!

1. You get excited when you start putting on your running clothes.

2. You don’t see any problem with spending $100+ on a pair of running shoes, but would never spend that much on a normal pair of shoes.

3. You spend more money on running clothes, than normal clothes. (My running skirt was $50…)

4. You don’t care about the color of your shoes, socks, compression sleeves, shorts, shirts, headbands, etc. All you care is that they all do what they are supposed to do… dry quickly and keep you warm or cool (depending on the time of year).

5. You realize just how much you love running when you aren’t able to run for a week or so and then you get that overwhelming excitement when you actually get to hit the pavement again.

6. You see another runner on the road and you wish that you could be running along with them.

7. You hear a song on the radio and you think to yourself, “This would make a GREAT running song!”

8. You drive down the road and keep track of the different places that you want to go running.

9. You don’t want to do cardio any other way.

10. You have more running bibs on your wall than artwork.

11. You have more race shirts than actual shirts.

12. You don’t want to get rid of a race shirt because you either PRd in the race, it was your first race, or you just can’t imagine life without it.

13. You will drive 5+ hours to run in a race.

14. You plan your vacation around a race.

15. You sit around coming up with a “You know you’re a runner when…” list.

Clearly there are a lot more, but these are the ones I came up with on my 2 mile run tonight. What do you have on your “You know you’re a runner when…” list?

Run to win!


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