Red, White, & Blue Shoes!

1010336_10151493204076479_699684355_nI am so thankful for my great friend, Maggie! Thursday, July 4th, we ran in the Red, White, & Blue Shoes 5k. Before the race it started raining, and continued to rain throughout the first mile or so, and even though I didn’t PR she was a great Pacer… my legs/lungs just aren’t fully adjusted to being back in SC. It was a great race in the rain, partly… and I did finish faster than I did in my previous race.

My next race will be the Labor Day Funk Run 5k that my church, United Assembly, puts on every year. My goal? Sub 40! I have 8 weeks to train, which should be plenty of time to get my body readjusted to being back in SC. I will be going to Belize next Tuesday, so I will be back at sea level, but I am excited to be able to add another country to my list of countries that I have ran in at least once! 🙂

Run to win!



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