Up early to take a nap?

I figured out a perk to getting up early to run… I don’t feel guilty for taking a mid-afternoon nap! I am still coming back from my running rut, but I think I have figured out what will keep me out of my rut: Having a running buddy! While I am here in Vietnam, one of my roommates has gone out on my two runs. We are able to keep each other accountable, and I got up this morning, because I knew that she had set her alarm as well. It is easier to get up when you know that someone else is getting up to go running with you.

Not to mention how awesome I felt when we got back, even though I was completely covered in sweat, I felt like a beast! Our time is getting a bit faster than our previous run. I still have a long way to go to get back to where I was. But it’s all part of the training… getting better, it doesn’t happen over night, it happens with consistency and persistence!

Do you think it is harder to run in hot/dry heat, hot/humid heat, cold/dry air, or cold/wet air?

Run to win!


4 thoughts on “Up early to take a nap?

  1. Running in Vietnam – wow, I’m jealous!

    I think running in really cold, dry temperatures is the worst for me. There are too many variables you have to account for. It could be icy in spots. If you stop for any period of time, your body cools down and your sweat gives you a chill and I’m not a big fan of how wind-blown my face feels after a good long run in the bitter cold. Plus, if you’re not too far removed from a major snow storm, plows could have covered some of your favorite running areas – or not have plowed them at all.

    Having done most of my longer runs in the hot humidy of greater DC, I think I’m getting used to that type of climate. As long as I have my hydration belt and don’t run in the middle of the day, humidity doesn’t bother me all that much. There’s something theraputic about sweating and summers in DC give you plenty of opportunities to sweat!

    • Yeah! I am thankful for my GPS watch since there aren’t really blocks or anything to keep track of distance around here. I am staying in a residential area, so there are great roads to run on, which is awesome! I do think it is therapeutic to sweat while running. I was just telling a few friends that I feel better after I run and sweat a lot.

      I am jealous that you get to run in the DC area!!!

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