Tomorrow I will begin training for the Dash for Dad 5k (the one in Atlanta that takes place on 6/15)! I have to stop making excuses. Being in Vietnam there are extra excuses that I can make, but tomorrow I will lace up my running shoes, put on my gps watch and hit the pavement! There aren’t many weeks left until the race and I have a goal I want to meet. I know that I can’t just expect myself to reach the goal without working for it. That goes with anything in life, if we set a goal we have to work to reach that goal. I haven’t set an easy goal either! My current PR for a 5k is 42’11”. I want to do this 5k in 39’59” or under. I am going to have to push myself during training, but I know that I am capable of anything I set my mind to. In order to meet my New Year’s resolution of running a 5k without walking, I will need to stick to this and not let excuses get in my way. I know that the more I run, the better I will want to eat, and the faster the weight will fall off. I have lost 70 pounds from when I first started my weight loss journey, but I still need to lose about 80 pounds. I know that I will feel better and it will also make running that much easier! So, wish me luck as I begin training tomorrow in Vietnam!

Run to win!


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