Where did the 5k go?


I need to explain this image above… My friend, Hannah, and I decided to run a 5k, the Shamrock 5k, while we were up in DC for a week. (My idea!) So, last night before going to bed I checked to make sure I knew how to get to the race. This morning, we embarked on what we thought would be an easy 50 minute drive into DC. Little did we know, they did not have the correct address on Active.com. The “A” in the image above is the address they had on Active.com, the “B” is the actual location (2 miles away from the given address) and the “1” is the start/finish line and the “2” is the turnaround point. Hannah and I literally drove around in circles trying to find where the race was for an hour before we finally “stumbled” upon a few racers leaving the race. We decided to go ahead and get out to check to see if it was in fact the place we needed to be, and sure enough it was. The ladies at the check-in/swag bag table checked us in and said “You can go ahead and run, it’s just for fun.” Which meant, they didn’t have any timing method, and apparently, we weren’t the only one’s who had issues finding the race. We were the last one’s to find the race, but we found it and finished!
It was not a PR for me, but I feel good because I was so frustrated about driving around for an hour, and I was sick Friday night. All in all, I finished in just over 45 minutes. Got a “finisher’s medal”, we took a photo, they gave us a lot of yogurt, and then we journeyed back for a much needed shower!
This afternoon we were able to shoot a 22 and a 9mm Glock at Hannah’s uncle’s house. Which was awesome! It also snowed this afternoon, which was crazy! Overall, it was a day that I will remember and we made some great memories… including a spider being found in my car and landing on my leg, causing me to scream! (The spider died soon after!) Hopefully the rest of the week we won’t have such an issue finding things.

Happy running!
Hannah and Randi Shamrock 5k


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