Team Clovis!

I’m not going to lie… if it weren’t for my awesome friend, Maggie, I probably wouldn’t be a runner! She is the one who got me to sign up for my first 5k (pictured), and my first half-marathon! However, that is not what this posting is about. As you can see, everyone in the photo is wearing a “Team Clovis” shirt. Some of you may understand what that is all about, but for those who don’t, let me explain. Two of my favorite people/friends, Rick and Maggie Turner, are in the process of adopting a baby from Ethiopia! This is not a cheap feat, so they have been running different races raising money for their adoption. They are finally on the final leg of the adoption, they could actually receive a call any day saying that they have a baby! However, their fundraising continues. They will need to go to Africa on two separate occasions once they receive the phone call. I’m not sure if you have priced plane tickets to Africa, but they aren’t cheap!

I say all of that to say this… I am running the half-marathon in January to help them raise the last bit of money they need to get their baby home! You can go ahead and send money to help out. For tax deductible donations, make checks out to United Assembly with ‘Turner adoption’ written in the memo line. Send checks to 207 E South 2nd Street, Seneca, SC 29678.

You can donate as much or as little as you’d like…

$1 per mile = $13                                                 $10 per mile = $130

$2 per mile = $26                                                $20 per mile = $260

$3 per mile = $39                                                $30 per mile = $390

$4 per mile =$52                                                 $40 per mile =$520

$5 per mile = $65                                                $50 per mile = $650

To read all about their adoption you can check out their blog here:


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