Beast mode!

Okay… for some people it may not be very beastly to finish the 10k in the time that I did. However, my goal time was 1’30’00”. I must admit, going into the race I was very nervous and wasn’t sure how I would do… I knew I would finish, but in my goal time, I really wasn’t sure!

If you look at photos of me crossing the finish line, it looks like I finished the 10k in 1’27’30”. I don’t count that as my official time though because I was toward the back of the pack so I had a while to cross the start line. I am going by what my GPS watch said, which is: 1’26’14”!!! Which, of course, is a PR! BUT, it doesn’t stop there!!! I actually set a PR for my fastest 5k time as well… 42’09”!!!

I want to thank my friends, Robert and Priscilla Collins, for coming and running the race with me! Priscilla actually finished, and then came and did the last half-mile with me! Because of her encouragement that last half-mile, I was able to run all of it!

This was a run to raise money for prostate cancer. For those that do not know, my dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer at the beginning of the year. This run was to complete a goal that I set back in January of running a 10k to raise money for prostate cancer by the end of 2012. I honestly can’t believe that I accomplished this run and beat the time, by almost 4 minutes, that I set for myself.

I treated myself to a nice breakfast after the run… I figured if I ran a 10k, which translates into burning approximately 1,119 calories, I deserve a nice hearty meal! It was quite delicious and I ate it guilt free! I then came home and took an ice bath. My legs do feel better after the ice bath!

I hope that this inspires someone to get out and run. Don’t let anything make you think that you can’t do it. I promise, if you would have told me last year that I would be running this year, I would have laughed at you. Especially considering I have ran 3 5k races, and 1 10k race… and I plan on running in at least 1 more 5k before the year is over. It only takes commitment, and determination. Each step is slightly easier than the previous!



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