Feeling better…

Well, last Tuesday night I posted about not feeling very athletic, and pretty much having a pity-party. Let’s just say I was having a bad night and should not have posted, but I did because I was wasting time so I could help a friend with something. Anyways, I say all of that to say this:

Saturday evening I went on a short run with a friend, only 5 laps around a track, but it felt GREAT! It was almost like my legs were screaming: “Thanks for running! We have missed this!!!” I was actually sad that I didn’t have more time to run farther! What?! Did I just say that? Yep! I am thankful that I am back to running!

Then, tonight, despite the fact that I was trying to wear an old pair of trail running shoes, which was a bad idea, I had a great night of Ultimate Frisbee with some of the best people ever!!! I look forward to playing Ultimate every Tuesday. I am slowly getting better, catching the Frisbee more, throwing it farther (and with more accuracy), and just having a blast with my friends!

My next run is Thursday, I am excited to see how far I am able to push myself. Since I am just getting back at it, I am just going to see how this run is and then figure out a game plan for the 10k training plan. Until then, I hope my feet forgive me from wearing the old trail shoes tonight.

Until next time…


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