Dam Race

May 5 I ran my second 5k, the Hartwell Dam Race, and made a PR! My official time was 45’22”. It wasn’t my goal, but I am happy with it since it is a PR. I don’t have a race planned at the moment, but now I am just really working on building up a good base. I feel like I got to a point where my only goal was to complete the 5k, I need to get past the 5k mark and get to where I can get out and just run to run.

I still enjoy running, I have a new route that I started this week, the previous route was getting boring. I will now do this one for a few weeks and then jump back and forth between the two.

I have also purchased a RoadID. This is something that all runners, cyclists, walkers, etc. should have. If you click on the “RoadID” link, that should give you a $1 off. (If it doesn’t then put: ThanksRandi14533588 as a coupon code during the checkout process.Take a look and at least begin thinking about getting one.

Thanks for reading!


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