Running with a dog…

My dog, Larry, loves to go on runs with me… even though this picture does not show that! 😉 However, today while we were on our run we got about a half a mile from the house and these two husky’s came up out of nowhere and just about attacked Larry. The people in the truck at the 4-way stop started yelling at the dogs, I picked Larry up and kept running to get away. The people in the truck asked who the dogs belonged to, I pointed at the house, said “Thanks” and kept running. I then realized that I would have to deal with these same dogs on the way back, the only difference would be I was going to be prepared to deal with them.

In a very stern voice I said, “Go! Get! No!” and the dogs turned, then tried to come back and I stomped my foot at them, and kept yelling at them and they tucked their tails and left us alone. I have now decided that it would probably be wise to go ahead and find a new route, which isn’t easy where I live. But since I’m bored with the route, I probably should anyways.

Well, that’s all for today, the run wasn’t as good as I wanted. I’m still training for my next 5K which will be next Saturday, May 5th. I’m excited! I will then begin training for a sprint Triathlon which will be on June 30th. Pushing myself to the limits! It will all be worth it!


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